Depression is an Opportunity

My take on depression is slightly interesting I believe. Depression can be due to lack of self esteem, lack of some sort of satisfaction. I had no issues with self esteem, family or career. It was because I had never offered my time to the poor people of my society. I was just living for myself. The moment I started caring for the people in my society my depression vanished. For example somebody who needs guidance in career and has no money to book a consultant, we can help someway. In poverty, some talented kids go wrong direction like for drugs, alcohol etc. So, this is a world may be a little more rough with less fortunate ones. When we live a little bit for the ones who are in desperate need of help, then we start living our life. Believe me that is the true happiness. this video, if you have some other problems that are making you feel depress, this video can give you a pathway to satisfaction.

Also, relationship issues, peer pressure, family trauma, past traumas, abuse are some more reasons of depression, or lack of satisfaction, peace in oneself. For removing past blockages, Art of Living courses are the best and no therapy can beat it.

I was guided by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, lovingly called Guruji and founder of the Art of Living family. He taught me 3S rule. Sadhna(work), Seva(service) and Satsang(celebration of life with people). I am applying these rules, trying to keep a balance between all the three.

Few ways in which I changed my depression into an opportunity

1) Helping some people understand the value of meditation.

2) Educating the uneducated, poor and miserable.

3) Donating money for the people who required large medical expenses to deal with serious illnesses.

4) Encouraging people to throw away loneliness and depression by helping miserable part of the society.