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Purpose Of Our Life

There is one great saying that "the ultimate goal of our education and success is to serve others."

I personally live by this statement. One of the purposes of one's life should be to uplift the spirit of the helpless miserable people. We all live our lives with our family, friends and colleagues. We are always ready to help them when they are in danger. But there is more one can help the society.

My life feels complete when I help the ones who are in desperate need of help of guidance, money, emotional support or little care. Rejected and abused animals are also sufferers in this world. Many social groups in Youtube are seen helping them which gives me great relief. Humanity is still at a good pace.

So, when you are looking for a purpose in life. You don’t need to get too far from your home. Look around in the miserable parts of your place, some unfortunate ones might need your help. This is a true way to the path of satisfaction that erases all your core from depression and anxiety. Whenever you feel depressed go out and help someone who really needs your shed of kindness.

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