We all always wish to be living with full happiness joy and fun. But some or the other life struggles bind us. If not the struggle, then the day to day working schedule of desk job workers is sometimes takes all of your energy. Fulfillment and happiness is not that impossible or far away from you as you think.

From my personal experience, I took courage to tell you that my source of joy very much depend on the time I give to myself in the whole day.

I do meditation, physical exercise, Yoga and social service to revive my energy. These four things make my existence meaningful on Earth. Whatever rough I have experienced, I just don't want any other person to suffer those. One can take notes of my life mistakes and achieve success without wasting any time.

The Art Of living family has been a boon for me throughout my ups and downs. One must have this gift in life of experiencing the AOL workshops seminars. It is simply life reforming to be a part of it. the whole family focuses on one world family. So, do experience the charm of these workshops. Life will definitely improve. You will get closer to your purpose of life. All the best!!